Mets Get A Big Redd Zero For Latest Front Office Move

Tim Redding is a joke. In eight years the man has never had a winning season and he has only pitched over 150 innings twice in his life. Redding’s lifetime ERA is a miserable 4.95 and he has spent as much time in Triple A as he has in the MLB over the last 3 seasons.  He is not a young guy either, while he plays like he’s 6 years old, The Big Redd Machine, as no-one has ever called him, turned the big 3-0 back in Feburary. I really am not a fan of this guy. During Spring Training he will presumably be fighting for the 5 spot in the rotation with Johnny Niese and Bobby Parnell. Parnell and Niese are both young kids who could really benefit from that spot in the starting rotation. Especially Niese, who is currently one of the best prospects the Mets have. I would rather give Parnell and Niese a shot to succeed then give the ball to Tim Redding every fifth game. Niese should get the fifth spot and if he struggles, give Parnell, who is older and has more experience, a shot at the big leauge rotation. And finally if all else fails I would go to Tim Redding to take the fifth spot. Niese and Parnell could be Joba Chamberlins or they could be Phil Hughes there first year, we’re not going to know until we try them out in the rotation. Both have bright futures that shouldn’t get dampened by The Reddmeister, as no-one has ever called him either.


Ode To The MLB Network

I am currently in my 3rd consecutive hour of
MLB Network Viewership. I’m hooked. I’m very excited to
see how the network will fare through
their inaugural MLB season. All of their pre-season
shows, from countdowns to VIP looks at MLB Parks, are
enticing and interesting (atlest for a baseball fan
as obsessive as myself.) Currently the MLB
Network’s keystone show is The Hot Stove Report, an
in-depth look at the current state of the free agent
market, with new episodes airing 5 times a week.
In February, they will do a Spring Training profile of
each team, spending a day at every ball club’s camp
and showing the highlights of ‘a day in the life’ of the MLB
team they are featuring. Baseball Tonight will be their
anchoring show during the season. It will
run approximately 6 hours a night, recapping and
analyzing all of the day’s games. But the best part of the
channel so far (at least for me) is watching former Met’s
pitching coach Rick Peterson argue with an ump in the MLB
Network promo. That will give a good laugh to any Met



Free-Agentpalooza, a national pastime in The Big Citi, is a game of outwitting, outplaying and outlasting. The Rules: Guess which teams will sign which free agents. I have taken the Top 10 avalible free agents (as ranked by and have taken a stab at where they’ll end up. Feel free to fill out your Free-Agentpalooza bracket and leave it in this post’s comment section. The closest bracket to actuality will win…One Schrute Buck!

(DISCLAIMER: ESPN’s rankings suck. They rank K-rod at #17, bellow Juan Cruz, Jeremy Affeldt and Kerry Wood. Also, I am not liable for any Schrute Buck distributions. Take it up with my lawyers.)


1. Manny Ramirez-  MY PICK: Giants

2. Derek Lowe- MY PICK: Mets

3. Adam Dunn- MY PICK: Dodgers

4. Ollie Perez- MY PICK: Brewers

5. Orlando Hudson- MY PICK: Mets

6. Bobby Abreu- MY PICK: White Sox

7. Juan Cruz- MY PICK: Twins

8. Brandon Lyon- MY PICK: Diamondbacks 

9. Orlando Cabrera- MY PICK: Baltimore

10. Ben Sheets- MY PICK: Houston

Good Luck and Happy Picking!

Mets Offseason Is Not Quite Dunn Yet

The Mets need to sign a
left fielder by Opening Day. Well, they don’t need
one but signing a quality corner outfielder would
be a huge boost to their team. Currently, the 2009 Mets are a
solid ball club. Sure, they’ll win games, but can they go
pound for pound with the Phillies? or even the Marlins? Are
they a better team then the 2007 Mets? or the ’08 Amazins?
Right now it’s tough to tell. All I know is that The Mets
need all four of these answers to be yes by Opening Day or
their playoff chances seem slimmer than ever. And another
Mets absence in October would mean bad things in Flushing.
Either way, it would be much easier to get this franchise
back on the map with another hot bat in left field. The
Tatis/Murphy duo in left might work for another team, in
another division, with less too prove, but the Mets need
to make the playoffs immediately. Rumors have
been circulating everywhere of free agents the Mets
are interested in and trades they’re looking to make. I’ve
heard Bobby Abreu, Raul Ibanez, Eric Byrnes and countless
others. I’ve even heard Sammy Sosa. You already know what I
think of their interest in Andruw Jones. I truly
think the best option in left field for the Mets
would be Adam Dunn. He’s a big bat, a great run producer and
a solid feilder in left. He’s exactly what the Mets need.
He’s the cherry on top of what would be an explosive batting
order. Think about it: He would probably end up hitting 5th,
meaning Delgado would hit 6th. Most teams would be content
with Dunn and Delgado as their 3 and 4 hitters, for the Mets
they’d be hitting 5 and 6! You might be asking ‘But Why Dunn
over everyone else?’. Well children, I will explain
this all in due time. He’s a
better fielder and cheaper than Abreu,
He’s a bigger bat than Byrnes or Ibanez, He’s younger and
more reliable than Sosa, He’s much more affordable than Manny
Ramirez and unlike Andruw Jones he has not forgotten how to
play baseball, at least not yet. There is just one teeny tiny
problem with the Mets signing Adam Dunn. Well, really two
problems. The First is that the Mets seem to have
no interest and the second is that the Dodgers are
already in serious negations with him. The Mets
seem to be content with Murphy and Tatis battling for the
job, but I am definitely not. How can you not even
make an effort to upgrade your weakest position? Especially
since the Mets are going into what is arguably the
most important season in their history. But, If the
Mets want Dunn they’re gonna have to act fast. With Manny
almost out of the picture for L.A, they’re going to go after
Dunn, who is the next best thing, with full force. I find it
odd that the Dodgers have been brought up in all of my
articles. Infact, a reader and non-baseball fan might mistake
the MLB for a two team leauge if their only baseball
knowledge came from my blog. Another funny thing is that the
three former Dodgers I have discussed have all had an
overlying theme of sucking while they were in L.A. Randy Wolf
and Andruw Jones did it themselves while Derek
Lowe preferred to have Carolyn Hugues do it for him
(ooooooooooo, you need some ice for that burn?). If in an odd
turn of events that last sentence somehow becomes the
deciding factor in Derek Lowe not coming to the Mets I don’t
think I will be able to forgive myself. But there is a reason
my quirky title revolves around Adam Dunn, and it’s time to
get back to him. Dunn does have his flaws and could quite
easily be a Mo Vaughn. Dunn doesn’t have much
besides his power and if he losses his power with age, as
most people do (For exceptions see: The Mitchell Report), he
will just be another lowly sub-.250 lifetime hitter. But, At
this point in his career Dunn is probably too young to fade
out. For Example, he hits 40 homers a year like
it’s clockwork (he’s had exactly 40 every year since 2005)
and is probably good for 100 to 110 RBIs if he stays healthy.
Also, Dunn has played in the NL his whole career, so there is
really no chance of a slump early on due to unfamiliar
pitching. Adam Dunn might be a Dodger already by the time
this post goes through but if not, I truly think he could be
the final puzzle piece in bringing an NL East Championship
back to Queens.

The Lowe-ball of The Century

The man who is supposed to be the missing
link in the Mets Rotation has just flat out rejected their
contract offer. Superagent Scott Boras, clearly gave his
client, Former Red Sox and Dodgers pitcher Derek Lowe a $16
million dollar a year price tag, but apparently the Mets
didn’t get the Memo. A three year, 36 Million dollar contract
(Approximately 12 million bucks a year) was sent Boras’
and Lowes’ way by Omar Minaya and his team in the Met’s front
office. That must have got some good laughs at The Scott
Boras Corporation. The lowball offer came in 12 million
dollars short of Lowe’s asking price, thats quite a lowball
to send at someone the Mets are apparently “very serious
about signing”. and It’s not like the Mets are alone in the
Derek Lowe sweepstakes. The Phillies, Braves and Red Sox are
all just as interested. I think one of them, maybe all
three, will come closer then 12 million dollars bellow his
asking price. Even if this offer is the most money thats
coming Lowe’s way, do you think he’ll take it? No, HIS AGENT
IS CRAZY. He would gladly sit him out for a year and wait for
the money to come. Well, maybe he wouldn’t but at least he’d
give a solid empty threat. Solid enough to get one team to
budge. Afterall, this is the guy who last month wrote an
eight chapter book about why teams should sign Oliver Perez.
Speaking of Ollie, the Mets apparently aren’t even looking at
him anymore. Omar failed to mention him by name when recently
asked who he was looking at to fill that middle of the
rotation void the Mets have. It seems like if not Derek Lowe,
the Mets will be very content with Randy Wolf. Do you want to
know when the last time Randy Wolf won 15 games in a season
was? 2003. That’s also the only time he’s won over 15 games
in a season. I don’t think he’s good enough to be the 5th
starter… in AAA! But in all seriousness this is an honest
plea to Omar Minaya: If you’re not gonna show Lowe the money,
then please, please re-sign Ollie

Much A-Druw About Nothing

With the newest New York Mets trade rumors it seems that the Mets have developed a new innovative way to stay away from players about to take a turn for the worse in their careers. That’s right! No more Mo Vaughn’s, or Pedro Martinez’s or Billy Wagner’s roaming around the Met’s clubhouse. The Masterminds that are the New York Mets front office have combined old baseball logic and pure unadulterated wit to concoct the newest advances in Free-Agentology. One of the best defensive outfielders of all time could be calling Citi Feild’s grass his home next season. What is The Mets new theory on finding players who will stay strong throughout their tenure in New York, you ask? Well, its actually quite simple. The New York Mets simply believe that the only way to avoid acquiring players on the verge of falling apart is to acquire players who have already fallen apart. The subject in the trade rumors is none other than former Met killer and FORMER defensive stud Andruw Jones. The only upside to Andruw is that he can’t have anymore of a downside.  If he were to be traded to New York he would come in with no expectations after his horrible 2008. After leaving Atlanta to ink a lucrative 2 year, 36 million dollar deal with the Dodgers last year, Jones committed the perfect crime, he simply just didn’t show up to play. An average year in Hotlanta for Jones looked something like this: 30 HR/100 RBI/.260 BA. Last Year in LaLa Land, Jones only got into 75 games, compiling only 3 homers, 14 ribbies and a meager batting average of .158. He also managed to get his games to strikeouts ratio to a solid 1:1 for the first time in his career. Jones, who is historically not known as a hitter who gets fanned too often, looked alot like Reggie Jackson at the plate, without any power… or contact for that matter. He was getting K’d up left and right. Trust me, I owned him in Fantasy Baseball, it was brutal. My point is that 2009 could not possibly be worse for him than 2008 was. Well, maybe it could be, you never know if he comes to the Mets. But he couldn’t possibly get bad enough to be considered a bust. To have a solid bust season you usually need to drop 100 points off your batting average, slug 50 less RBIs and pop 20 less dingers than you did the year before. If Andruw did that next year he would be at -17 HRs/-36 RBIs/.058 BA. As you can see, he is bust proof. Come to think of it, Andruw could raise morale for Mets fans everywhere. He could be in the rare breed of players who improves his stats after coming to the Mets. Trust me, this is not an easy task to accomplish. The Mets are lookin’ to dish off Luis Castillo in the deal. He is another one in the long line of players who took turns for the worse right after joining the Amazins. While getting rid of him would be a relief, it might be safer to keep him. If the Mets trade away Castillo then the only reasonable option at 2B would be free agent Orlando Hudson. He’s like a mix of Beltran with less power and Jose Reyes with less speed. However, if the Mets can’t ink him up, who’s gonna play second? Daniel Murphy? Argenis Reyes? Give me a break. With Jones in left and one of those two playing second I think we can consider this a “rebuilding year”. But enough of my complaining, back to the Mets Front Office. Using their innovative methods they are now looking far and wide for unbustables everywhere. Hey Mr. Bedard, I think you’d look pretty good in orange and blue….

Welcome to The Big Citi

Welcome to the Big Citi. You have just entered a world were everything is New York Mets all the time. Want some insight on that latest trade or free agent signing? manager firing or 10 game losing streak? Well, you’ve come to the right place my friend. I am here to enlighten you. Consider me your baseball guru. We will fulfill your inner Mets needs 60% of the time, all the time! In this world the only late nights of work are night games on the west coast and the only case of the mondays are Mets days off. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the Big Citi!